Knowledge about cut-off valve


Explosion-proof cut-off valve is an automatic detection valve, which is a valve to prevent the hydraulic pipeline from bursting and causing accidents. The explosion-proof valve is simple in structure, compact and compact, and can be easily connected to the entrance of the execution unit.

Explosion-proof valves are mainly used in hydraulic systems of equipment without mechanical locking systems, such as large mechanical stages, lifts, elevators, automobile inspection and repair beams, etc., to protect them from accidents. It is a locking measure of the hydraulic system. This requirement is a necessary requirement in CE certification, so the earliest explosion-proof valve was created and produced in Europe. Later it was transmitted to China, and it was widely used.


The current explosion-proof valves are all imported from Europe. The field of use in China is becoming more and more widespread. With the improvement of people's safety awareness, many hydraulic systems are using such explosion-proof valves. The explosion-proof valve is fundamentally different from the traditional one-way throttle valve, because when the hydraulic pipeline suddenly bursts, the explosion-proof valve connected to the entrance of the fulfillment unit (usually a cylinder) will quickly cut off to avoid accidents; The flow valve does not have this function, the pipeline will not be cut off, so it is not possible to avoid the occurrence of an accident.

Make sure that there is enough space above and below the pneumatic shut-off valve to easily remove the actuator or valve core during inspection and maintenance; for flanged valve bodies, ensure that the flange faces are accurately aligned so that the gaskets The surfaces contact evenly. After centering the flanges, lightly tighten the bolts and tighten them in a staggered pattern.

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