Fire fighting method of lithium battery


During the processing of lithium-ion batteries, the positive and negative pole pieces are superimposed together, and they are severely separated in the middle. They are tightly wound together, put into a pre-processed case, injected with a liquid electrolyte, and opened Seal it and a lithium battery is ready. At this time, the battery itself has no electricity. As long as the separator and the electrolyte are flammable, it is not flammable and is very safe. There are no high-risk processes in the entire processing process, and there are no special factors for fire and blast.

However, the battery is charged, left aside, and tested for the first time before leaving the factory. If a short circuit occurs after charging, it will cause spontaneous ignition. "The short circuit is divided into internal short circuit and external short circuit. The cause of the external short circuit may be formed during storage and transportation, and the internal short circuit is a problem of the product itself." These problems include: the environment is not clean during production, As a result, other materials are contaminated on the positive and negative electrodes; the internal separator cannot effectively separate the positive and negative electrodes, and there are defects. This will cause the power stored in the battery to be quickly released through the connection point, a lot of heat will be released instantly, and the battery temperature will rise sharply. First, it will cause the inflammable materials such as the electrolyte and the barrier to burn. The substance and aluminum foil will also be incinerated violently, the center temperature will rise above 1000 degrees Celsius, and a phenomenon similar to blasting will occur. If inside the factory, many batteries will be stored in a centralized manner, which will cause chain fires to explode.

Lithium batteries are used to extinguish fires. Due to the spontaneous combustion and explosion of the battery, a dry powder rescue device cannot work at this time, and the good way is to use water to cool down.

In recent years, battery spontaneous combustion and even blasting incidents are increasing. After all, the reason is that there is a blank in the production standards of enterprises in our country, which leads to chaos in the industry. "External short-circuits or consumer misuse are rare, and it is easier to prevent the accumulation and transportation in the factory. For battery companies, the risk lies in manufacturing defects that cause internal short-circuits." In order to prevent such shortcomings , Battery manufacturing enterprises need processing equipment with outstanding accuracy, and produced in a low-humidity, low-dust environment, and complete monitoring and inspection in each process.

At the same time, in order to prevent the battery from spontaneously igniting after charging, it is necessary to store uncharged charged batteries in fire-resistant compartments independently, and install monitoring facilities and active rescue equipment such as smoke and spray. It is necessary to escape from a certain safety interval, and there should be an unobstructed escape channel nearby. "But due to the existence of low-end non-standard shopping malls such as cottages and chargers, many small-funded battery factories use simple equipment to manufacture lithium-ion batteries, lacking basic quality control measures, and various defects and shortcomings in the product. Many, the danger of fire and explosion is great. At the same time, the batteries after charging are randomly stacked and people and goods are adjacent to each other. Without fire safety measures, fire accidents can easily occur and cause casualties. "

The reason is that the current state does not have technical supervision standards for the production process of lithium-ion batteries.

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