Application examples of shut-off valves


The material, pressure level and connection method of all shut-off valves must be consistent with the specifications of the equipment connected to them. This applies to all shut-off valves, whether it is directly installed on the equipment or on a standpipe connected to the equipment.

ZYP-160KG Hydraulic Quick Shut-off Valve

Hydraulic quick shut-off valve is the actuator in the appearance of the electric unit combination. It cooperates with gas-liquid positioner and other appearances. It can be used for various media (superheated steam, gas, liquid, etc.) on the pipelines of chemical industry, petroleum, power stations, etc. Proactive control and remote operation. Because the hydraulic piston actuator has a large thrust and a high speed, it has the effects of fast unloading and pressure reduction.

ZMAN Pneumatic Film Conditioning Cut-off Valve

Pneumatic film conditioning shut-off valve is suitable for industrial active control system. In addition to the general single and double seat valve structure, this product is especially suitable for applications that require both severe conditioning and shut-off, and large pressure differences before and after the valve.

ZSPQ type pneumatic piston cut-off valve

Pneumatic piston shut-off valve is used on the conveying pipeline in the active system to actively cut off or safely vent the moving medium.

ZSQ two-position shut-off valve (improved)

Pneumatic two-position two-way and two-position three-way shut-off valves are one of the active components in the industrial production process and belong to the category of pneumatic actuators.

The external signal cuts off the active medium (liquid, gas, and vapor) to satisfy the system's requirements for process parameters such as pressure, temperature, and flow. This type of product adheres to the advantages of the old model ZSQ-1 pneumatic piston cut-off valve and has made important improvements in structure, including the use of floating pistons, stainless steel springs under the packing, and the valve seat and valve body are connected without using a thread. Because the valve core and valve seat use soft sealing type, this product has a severe cutting effect, and has a simple structure, small size, reliable operation, convenient repair and explosion-proof advantages, so it is widely used without switching requirements, only for switching action, It is not allowed to leak in the automatic control and remote control system of various industrial production processes.

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