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Air tightness test; air tightness test; door fan test Airtightness test; American Retrotec; DOOR FAN TEST; Door Fan Test Door and Window Airtightness Test; DoorFan Test CleanAgent Fire Extinguishing Systems.

3M novec 1230; FM Approved Novec ™ 1230 gas fire extinguishing system; new clean extinguishing agent novec 1230; perfluorohexanone; 3Mnovec whole series of fluorinated liquid; 3Mnovec whole series of fluorinated liquid; Pipe network gas fire extinguishing equipment; novelc 1230 fire detection pipe; NOVEC 1230 FM certified fire detection pipe type automatic fire detection and fire extinguishing device; NOVEC 1230 CE certified fire detection pipe type automatic fire detection and fire extinguishing device.

Laser fire extinguisher training system; open fire extinguisher training system; residential home fire safety training system; steam and dust explosion experimental device; multifunctional fire training training vehicle; fire hose training system; water smoke fire extinguisher digital training system; intelligent interactive human model training system Smoke generator for fire training; marine fire training props system; aircraft fire training props; vehicle fire training props; pressure vessel fire training props; fire and explosion experimental devices; flash ignition and explosion experiment simulation devices.


As a company that can truly provide you with total solutions for fire protection and safety systems, we often help customers provide installation services for fire protection systems for new or retrofit projects.


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