Difference between shut-off valve and regulating valve and its structural characteristics


Pneumatic valves include regulating valves and shut-off valves. The effect forms of the two are different. Although the flow rate of the conditioning valve can also be adjusted to 0, pneumatic blocking valves are generally used for emergency blocking. Those with valve positioners are generally cylinder valves. The conditioning valve is a type with a pneumatic membrane and a large disc. In addition to conditioning, it can also complete blocking. The common point of the two is that it is powered by gas.

Pneumatic shut-off valves are either fully open or fully closed, and are mostly used for maintenance. Pneumatic conditioning valves can be opened and closed in a desired position, can control the valve to stay at a specified opening, and can adjust flow or pressure. Pneumatic blocking valve is used to shut off the medium in the pipeline. It is required to have a fast operating speed, good shut-off performance, and a leakage level of 1 / 100,000.

Pneumatic control valve is mainly used for successive adjustment and control. The signal corresponds to the valve stroke. It is equipped with an electric valve positioner to receive the control model. According to the continuous 4-20MA signal change, the adjustment valve completes 0-100% full stroke action. As long as the pneumatic blocking valve is open and closed, it is generally equipped with a reversing solenoid valve and a travel switch.





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