What to do in the event of a fire?



In a fire, trapped people should have good psychological qualities, keep calm, don't panic, act blindly, and choose the correct escape method. It should be noted that the temperature of the fire scene is very amazing, and the smoke will block your view. When we saw fire scenes in movies and TV, everything was very clear. It was shot outside the thick smoke on the fire scene. When you are on the scene of a fire, the visibility is very low, and even in the room where you have been living for a long time, you can't figure out the position of the windows and doors. In this case, you need to remain calm and not panic.

       If you are trapped in a fire, you should take advantage of all available conditions to escape. You can use fire elevators and indoor stairs to escape. Ordinary elevators must not be used because ordinary elevators are easily powered off, have no smoke prevention effect, and fires occur. The possibility of getting stuck in the air is great. At the same time, balcony can also be used. Aisles and water pipes on the building's exterior wall are used to escape.

       After a fire, thick smoke will be produced. When you encounter thick smoke, stop immediately. Never try to get out of the fireworks and take a low posture to crawl in the thick smoke. Due to the rise of hot air in the fire, a large amount of thick smoke will float on the upper layer. Therefore, there should be air in the fire below 30 cm from the ground. Therefore, try to take a low posture to crawl in the thick smoke. Head As close to the ground as possible.

       Escape from dense smoke. If the human body is not protected properly, it is easy to inhale the dense smoke, causing fainting or suffocation. At the same time, the eyes will not be able to open due to the irritation of the smoke. At this time, you can use transparent plastic bags, which can be used regardless of size. Use large plastic bags to cover the entire head and provide sufficient air for escape. If there is no large plastic bag, small Plastic bags can also be used, although they cannot completely cover the head, they can also cover the nose and mouth to provide the air needed for escape. When using a plastic bag, be sure to fully open it, but do not blow it with your mouth, because the gas blown in is carbon dioxide, which has the opposite effect.

       If you hear the alarm at night, you should first touch the door with your back and try to see if the door has become hot. If it is hot, the door cannot be opened, otherwise smoke and fire will burst into the bedroom; if the door is not hot The fire may not be large, and it is possible to escape from the room through normal channels. After leaving the room, be sure to close the door behind you to spread the fire.

       Correct placement of the hydrant:

       Fire hydrants should be placed in public shared spaces such as corridors or halls. They will generally be in the walls of the above spaces. No matter what kind of decoration they are made of, they must be prominently marked (specify "fire hydrant"), Obstacles are set in front to avoid affecting the opening of the hydrant door. Fire hydrants are isolated in rooms (such as private rooms) and do not comply with fire protection regulations. It is also not conducive to the timely rescue of firefighters.




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