Why does the fire department recommend residents to use smoke alarms?



With the increase of fire and electricity consumption in modern homes, the frequency of home fires is getting higher and higher. Once a family fire occurs, it is easy to appear unfavourable factors such as untimely extinguishing, lack of fire extinguishing equipment, panic among the people present, and slow escape, resulting in major loss of life and property. The main cause of home fires is paralysis, and timely precautions have not been taken. The smoke alarm is an inductive sensor for detecting smoke. In the event of a fire hazard, the internal electronic speaker will alert people in time.

       Numerous data show that the advantages of using a domestic smoke alarm are: 1. Fire can be quickly detected when it catches fire again; 2. Reduction of casualties; 3. Reduction of fire losses, which are often limited to the first fired substance. Various fire statistics also show that the shorter the time between fire and fire detection, the lower the fire mortality rate. In fact, fire death rates in households protected by smoke alarms are lower than those in households without such protection.

In summary, it can be seen that the use of smoke alarms in civilian residences is essential.

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