The role of earthquake alarms in our lives



Earthquakes are one of the larger natural disasters on the earth, and the loss to people every year is inestimable. Earthquakes of magnitude seven or more will occur one or twenty times a year. On September 21, 1999, Taiwan was hit by another earthquake. Large earthquakes often occur at night, making it difficult to prevent them. A home earthquake alarm is introduced. When an earthquake occurs, it can wake people up in time to move quickly and leave the danger zone immediately, which can effectively reduce personal injuries.

       Earthquake alarm, a device that can monitor the occurrence of an earthquake and notify the alarm in a timely manner. Monitor the progress of the earthquake by monitoring the seismic waves generated during the earthquake, and use light voice prompts to warn of the occurrence of the earthquake.

       Seismic alarms are designed to provide timely warning of seismic activity by detecting P waves (compressed waves) of an earthquake. P waves travel faster than the more destructive S waves (transverse waves). Seismic alarms save precious seconds by eliminating guesswork about seismic activity. Earthquake alarms can detect large earthquakes hundreds of miles away, as well as detect moderately mild earthquakes many miles around you. A very important advantage of the earthquake alarm is that it can remind you and wake you up at the moment of the earthquake, so that you can hide or stay with your family. The sense that the human brain relies on is the combination of the inner ear and the visual field, which determines the movement of the body at the moment when the earthquake comes. Disorientation and the well-known dizziness can cause people to confuse and instinctively freeze for many seconds during an earthquake. Sound itself also plays a role in seismic detection and can be misleading. A slamming garage door and a muffled rumble of a large truck will bring people into false speculation that they are experiencing an earthquake. Earthquake alarms can relieve confusion and save precious seconds of peace of mind.

       Therefore, all households in earthquake-prone areas need to install earthquake alarms to protect themselves and their families.




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