Difference between imported valve and domestic valve



To a certain extent, imported valve products are indeed slightly better than domestic ones.

       The management concept of the foreign valve industry is also very different from ours. They pursue quality rather than quantity. Some leaders and experts from some of our industries went abroad to inspect and found that the quality and management of foreign valve products are indeed impeccable. Their processing equipment It is very good, the level of research and development is very good, the products made from good materials and good equipment are certainly very good. This created excellent quality of foreign valve products.

       It is understood that the superiority of foreign valves is mainly that their processing technology is different from ours, thus forming the excellent quality of their own products. For example, in order to meet the radiation resistance requirements of nuclear-grade valve sealing materials, German KSB company has widely used special welding powder for cobalt-free welding by sintering the welding powder and heat-treating after welding. Valve products are designed according to the requirements of operating conditions. High-temperature and high-pressure gate valves mostly adopt parallel double gate structure.

       Complete control means

       The good quality of imported valves also has a close relationship with their strengthening of quality management and equipment management. It is understood that the quality of foreign valve products generally meets the requirements of API, JIS, BS and other standards, and the inherent quality of casting blanks is high, The precision is also high, and their blanks can be machined without special repairs. They are beautiful in appearance, have clear marks, good sealing performance, and a large variety of fillers and gaskets to meet the requirements of different working conditions.

       The automatic control valve has stable performance parameters, which fully guarantees no leakage during use and accurate adjustment accuracy. The service life of universal valves can reach 1-2 maintenance periods, or even longer.

       Due to the complete and advanced quality control methods of foreign valve companies, complete hot and cold experimental equipment, and the use of advanced coordinate measuring instruments, various flaw detection equipment is strictly checked to ensure that the quality of each link is in place, and each part is in any process At a glance, the records are very detailed, the responsibilities are clear, and the surface quality is also good, including forging quality, surface grinding, and weld quality, which almost eliminates bumps and scratches, thereby ensuring the excellent performance of foreign valve products.




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