Learn about Pacific Earthquake Shutoff Valves



Are you ready to protect your home, your company, your lover from the gas leak caused by the earthquake? Here we recommend a seismic shut-off valve that can close itself in an earthquake. This CALIFORNIA seismic shut-off valve has been widely recognized in the market and in projects implemented by FM standards.

       The California Valve in the United States Pacific is a mechanical shut-off device installed on the gas pipeline of the building. When the earthquake intensity reaches 5.5 on the Richter scale and exceeds five seconds, the pipeline gas is cut off. This point in time proved to be the point at which the building would begin to break. Seismic valve is fixed on the exterior wall of the building, it will reflect the vibration of the building itself, and it is not affected by the vibration caused by the passing of trucks or trains.

      The main technical parameters:

      Household: Interface Size: 3/4 "1" 1-1 / 4 "1-1 / 2" Thread: Pressure Rating: 0.5 ~ 7 PSI;

      Commercial: Interface Size: 3/4 "1" 1-1 / 4 "1-1 / 2" Thread: Pressure Rating: 60 PSI;

      Industrial: interface size: 2 "3" 4 "6" 8 "thread, flange: pressure rating: 60 PSI;

      Installation method: level, up and down, down and up;

      Ambient temperature: -26 ℃ ~ + 51 ℃;

      Material: Ductile cast aluminum.




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