Difference between regulating valve and shut-off valve



The opening degree of the regulating valve is continuous, that is, it works in the range of 0 to 100%;

The opening degree of the shut-off valve is two-position, that is, there are only two working states: on and off.

Regulating valve can be any type of valve in a broad sense, but usually refers to a valve specially designed for continuous adjustment;

The shut-off valve is structurally required to be able to be closed quickly and reliably, and in addition to normal operation, it will not normally change the switching state even if it encounters a destructive external force.

Allow leakage under certain conditions when the regulating valve is closed;

No leakage is allowed after the shut-off valve is closed, and a certain blocking effect should be maintained even if damage occurs.

Although the special regulating valve can cut off under certain conditions, the shut-off valve of the safety system must meet the requirements of the shut-off valve and must not be replaced by the regulating valve at will.

The valve structure that is more suitable as a regulating valve is a straight-stroke valve that uses a valve stem to drive the valve core to move up and down perpendicular to the valve seat (similar to a needle valve). Angular stroke can also be used as a regulating valve but with less effect.

The valve structures that can meet the requirements of shut-off valves are mostly rotary core valves such as ball valves and plug valves. Rotary valve. Because the anti-seizing performance of straight-stroke valves is not as good as that of angle-stroke valves, it is difficult to meet the reliability requirements of shut-off valves.




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