FM Approved Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection

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Securiton’s aspirating smoke detectors have been reliably preventing fires for decades. The latest generation of fire detection technology, the SecuriRAS ASD 535, is more powerful, more precise and responds more quickly than its predecessors.

The ASD 535 consists of one or two independent sampling lines, each with a highly sensitive smoke sensor. Air flow monitoring ensures that the sampling lines are constantly checked for pipe breakage and the sampling holes monitored for pollution. A high-performance fan sucks the air from the room or facility being monitored through the sampling line to the evaluating processor unit.

There the air is continuously evaluated by the smoke sensors.

The display and control panel of the evaluating processor unit indicate the smoke concentration of the sampled air and other alarm, fault and status messages. Any increase in the smoke concentration is detected very early.


FM Approved Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection 

The latest generation of universal aspirating smoke detectors

• 1 or 2 sampling lines with separate air flow monitoring

• Australian standards approved system.

• VdS certified calculation software: ASD PipeFlow enables efficient, asymmetrical pipe layout

• Monitors smoke obscuration levels of < 0.001%/m

• Insensitive to pollutants thanks to particleExtinguishing (patent pending)

• Auto-learning function

• High performance fan (> 400 Pa vacuum)

• Low noise level, compliant with ISO 11690-1

• 5 alarm levels (3 pre-alarms and 2 alarms)

• Refined smoke detection thanks to high dynamic (HD) sensors



FM Approved Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection


The ASD 535 is ideal for property and space surveillance thanks to its excellent response behaviour. Typical applications include:

• Space surveillance:

• High-rack warehouses and distribution centres

• Archive rooms, museums, galleries, cinemas, historical buildings

• Airports

• Informatics and computer centres

• Laboratory and research centres

• Electronic measuring rooms

• Transformer rooms

• Clean rooms

• Refrigerated warehouse

• Invisible applications:

• Protection of cultural assets

• Prison Cells

• Property surveillance:

• Telecommunication facilities

• High and low voltage distribution cabinets

• Display cases

• CNC control systems


FM Approved Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection


Brands  FM Approved Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection

Certifications  FM,UL,VDS, CCCF





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