FM Approved Gas Releasing Control Panel

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The NOTIFIER RP-2002/RP-2002E gas fire control panel is an upgraded version of the RP-1002/RP-1002E control panel. The control panel is a full English operation interface, programmable semi-intelligent control panel. The disk RP-2002 is suitable for 110V power supply, and the RP-2002E is suitable for 220V power supply. The disc has FM and UL certification, and the quality is stable and reliable, which is the first choice for operating overseas projects. Our company has long-term distribution of RP-2002/PR-2002E gas fire control panel, and provides installation instructions and on-site commissioning services. FM Approved NOTIFIER RP-2002/RP-2002E Gas Releasing Control Panel.

KENTEC SIGMA XT gas fire control panel 

KENTEC SIGMA XT gas fire control panel  made in  England. It is simple in structure, stable in performance, easy to install and debug, has FM/UL certification, Compliance with EN standard, English operating interface, and can be used for overseas projects. FM Approved NKENTEC SIGMA XT Gas Releasing Control Panel.

FM Approved Gas Releasing Control Panel

Brands    FM Approved Gas Releasing Control Panel

Certifications  FM,UL




As a company that can truly provide you with total solutions for fire protection and safety systems, we often help customers provide installation services for fire protection systems for new or retrofit projects.


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