FM Approved DETECT-A-FIRE® Detectors

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FM Approved KIDDE Fenwal 27000 series and FM Approved KIDDE Fenwal 28000 DETECT-A-FIRE® detectors are widely used in fire alarm system and linkage fire extinguishing system after UL, ULC and FM certification. Such as FM200 gas fire extinguishing system, INERGEN gas fire extinguishing system, CO2 gas fire extinguishing system, water mist fire extinguishing system, dry powder fire extinguishing system, etc. Bar temperature detector can be used as a switch output device in fire alarm system for monitoring. In these systems, it is applied in the range of reference operating points set in the monitoring area, and is not affected by the rate of temperature rise. As an alarm device, when the ambient temperature is overheated or a fire occurs, the alarm signal is sent to alert the personnel in the relevant area. It is also often used as a release device to sense the fire and start the fire extinguishing system. Bar temperature detectors have been widely accepted because of their two major functional characteristics of temperature setting and compensation for sharp rise in temperature. At any time when the ambient temperature reaches the preset temperature, the rod temperature detector will respond quickly and send out fire alarm signals. In the case of generating a lot of heat, the detector can respond one to three degrees ahead of the set value. But at the same time, the detector will not respond when the instantaneous temperature fluctuation exceeds the set value, so it can eliminate the false alarm. When the temperature drops below the set value, the detector can recover itself. FM Approved KIDDE Fenwal DETECT-A-FIRE® Detectors.


• Repeatable - resets itself, nothing to replace,  testable

• Rugged - withstands shock and vibration

• Versatile - offers various temperature settings

• Durable - long lasting stainless steel shell

• Economical - wide spacing, reduces installation cost

• Factory set and the internal contact area is hermetically sealed in stainless steel


• Protection of schools, factories, offices, libraries, etc.

• Paint spray booths

• Range hoods


FM Approved Fenwal 27020

FM Approved Fenwal 27021

FM Approved Fenwal 27120

FM Approved Fenwal 27121

FM Approved Fenwal 28020

FM Approved Fenwal 28021




Brands  FM Approved DETECT-A-FIRE® Detectors

Certifications  FM,UL,CCCF

FM Approved DETECT-A-FIRE® Detectors




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