Emergency Power Supply System

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EPS( Emergency Power Supply  System) is designed  for the fire fighting equipment, lighting, and other kind of electricity load to meet the needs of the national civil and industrial construction fire protection standards, with perfect circuit design and advanced production techniques, all technical indicators having reached the international standards. EPS is an important part of modern construction safety facilities. It is of great importance in the conditions of compelled normal power break, electric power grid failure, or power failure caused by fire. This device is extensively applied in high buildings, shopping malls, hospitals and underground civil air defense projects etc. Power supply time Include: (30 minutes / 60 minutes / 90/120 minutes)

Emergency Power Supply  System



Single-phase (Lighting) EPS

Three-phase (Power/ Lighting) EPS 

Series Three-phase (Variable-frequency) EPS 

Central power EPS

Certifications  FM,UL,CCCF

Emergency Power Supply  System




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