Problems in fire protection construction



First, the fire engineering construction unit did not install and construct in accordance with the specifications. Some fire engineering construction units are engaged in fierce competition during project bidding. During the construction process, they lowered the engineering design standards and changed the design drawings. They could not strictly implement the construction specifications. They also put a lot of poor-quality fire equipment into the project construction, causing hidden dangers to the project quality and serious harm Public safety. According to sample surveys in some provinces and cities, the proportion of hidden fire hazards in construction fire protection facilities among major fire hazards is 33.8% higher. The proportion of building fire protection facilities that cannot be operated due to product quality accounts for more than 30%. Fire protection products entering the field of use do not meet the market. The proportion of admission rules is so high. Among fire hazards, 33% of fire hazards in buildings are hidden, and the proportion of building fire extinguishing facilities that are not functioning properly and put in use is as high as 38% due to product quality.

次 Secondly, the use unit lacks product maintenance. The fire safety consciousness of the users is not strong, and the lack of necessary maintenance and regular inspection of the fire protection products in daily management, resulting in the loss of damage and overdue failures are very serious, and they cannot fully play their role.

The quality supervision and management mechanism of the third fire fighting equipment is not perfect. The public security fire department lacks the corresponding supervision procedures and supporting legal documents in the quality supervision of fire products. The law enforcement basis is insufficient, the means are weak, and the management system is not perfect. The staff is extremely scarce, and the professional quality cannot meet the needs of the job. A small number of people have vague ideas about the supervision and management of fire protection products, failing to correctly understand the supervision and management of fire protection equipment, which is of great significance for protecting the safety of people's lives and property, maintaining social stability, and economic construction and development. awareness.

Fourthly, create a new mechanism for supervision and management of fire products.

Fifth manufacturer's quality awareness is weak, and substandard products flow into the market. Due to the imperfect market economy system and the weak quality awareness of some manufacturers, there are inherent quality hazards in the manufacturing process of products, leading to unqualified products flowing into the market. The main performances are as follows: First, the managers of some production enterprises ignored the laws and regulations of the country under the drive of economic interests, and adopted unfair means such as cutting corners, cutting down on raw materials, and using substandard materials to blindly pursue benefits. In the production process of the product, the production process cannot be strictly controlled, the technical standards are lowered at will, and the product consistency is seriously inconsistent. Secondly, the infrastructure and working environment of some production enterprises cannot meet production needs, outdated equipment, backward production processes, incomplete detection methods, and product quality cannot be guaranteed. The third is that some production enterprises lack technical staff with plaques and poor operating skills. A few enterprises have no technicians, and some technicians cannot solve technical problems in the production process. Operators have not been trained in professional knowledge and operation skills. They cannot be informed of their positions. Barbaric operations and illegal operations continue to occur. Fourth, some manufacturing enterprises lack a sense of innovation, new materials, new technologies, and new technologies are not applied, and their concepts are outdated, which greatly hinders the improvement and improvement of the quality of fire equipment.

The sixth seller will do whatever it takes to disrupt the market with fake and shoddy products. The problems of fire protection products are particularly prominent in the circulation link. Some sales staff have used improper methods to falsify market certifications and product inspection reports, use other people's brands and trademarks, and fill up the market with substandard and fake products. .

As a company that can truly provide you with total fire and safety system solutions, we always help customers provide installation services for fire protection systems for new or retrofit projects. Shenyang fire engineering construction can safely choose Taidi, our consulting hotline: 18624021197, welcome your inquiries and will be happy to help you!

Problems in fire protection construction




As a company that can truly provide you with total solutions for fire protection and safety systems, we often help customers provide installation services for fire protection systems for new or retrofit projects.


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