Interactive Training Manikins

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The smartdummy™ Rescue

Manikin listens and calls out for help The SmartDummy rescue manikin is tough enough to take on intense fire training and smart enough to interact with rescuers. Built with rugged, abrasion-resistant materials, the SmartDummy rescue manikin can handle your toughest training requirements. Internal weighted padding and a flexible design provide uniform weight distribution and realistic feel. The interactive built-in VoiceBox gives your victim a voice and adds realism to the scenario.

Record messages for continuous or sound activated playback. The SmartDummy rescue manikin can cough, call out for help, or direct rescuers to find additional victims.


Interactive Training Manikins Extrication SmartDummy

Interactive Training Manikins SmartDummy VoiceBox

Interactive Training Manikins Training opportunities

Certifications :ASCE

Interactive Training Manikins



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